Project gotham racing 4 is an amazing racing game, which should not be missed by any racing fan that owns a 360.

User Rating: 9.5 | Project Gotham Racing 4 X360
I got this game on saturday and man it is amazing!. Im a massive fan of racing games, and this game is just stunning.

I think it beats PGR3 hands down in every respect, at first when I bought this I thought it would just be the same as PGR3 but with a weather system, but how wrong I was.

First off the visuals are amazing, the cars look amazing and realistic and I can't get enough of the cockpit view thats one of the things I love about the PGR series.

The game has a weather system that is absent in alot if not all of next gen racers and it makes the game that much more amazing especially visually, you can see every detail even the raindrops running down the car and smashing into the windscreen as the wipers wipes it away. The weather can also chage during the race it cud be dry one minute and then it would start raining and it is so much fun to slip and slide around in the snow!!. Youre probably thinkin oooh wow a weather system big deal! but believe me just play the game and youll see it is so amazing.

The gameplay, well yeah il say this it isnt completely realistic and itsnt as realistic as forza motorsport 2, but the driving in this game is very very fun and nice n simple to handle, you get a great sense of speed and pull off great drifts around the corners, the handling of the cars is so smooth and accurate it makes you feel like a great driver, I find myslef enjoying this alot more than forza, but dont get me wrong fora is a great game.

Well I think this is an amazing game andis the best racing game on the market for your money, but its up to you to buy it but all i know is im having a blast playing it!