A Great Sequel that delivers exactly what it promised!

User Rating: 9 | Project Gotham Racing 4 X360
I have played nearly every single major racing game to date: FM2, PGR4 GTR2, GT4, Toca 3, Dirt, NFS

PGR4 delivers mixture of intesive closed track style racing, with a impressive trick-combo system. 5 seconds ahead of your opponents? pull a handbrake slide on the next corner rather than trying to hit the perfect apex.

the graphics are all neon lights and impressive backgrounds, couple this with some amazing car models with full dashboard view, a 50fps/60fps frame rate and you have an amazing looking game

Music and Sound wise, is less than great, the music is a mixture of underground hip hop, grunge rock and pop rock, it less than satisfies, in fact its bloody dissapointing. however the car sounds are ecstatic, screaming tires and screeching V10s are just a few sound affects you'll enjoy.

the gameplay is classic PGR, so don't expect a massive change, and the list of cars is brilliant from the Delorean to SSC Ultimate Aero (fastest production car available!)

this game is a must buy, and with cheap DLC coming soon, there's no thinking needed!