PGR 2 is still the best. And PGR4 is not better then PGR3...

User Rating: 8 | Project Gotham Racing 4 X360
Forget the weather effects and tell me: is it just me, or the graphics are worst then in PGR3?

Well, I've played all PGR so far, and let me just present you a short review, on topics:

- PGR 2 is still the best. It has the coolest carrer system, imo. I know that PGR 4 arcade is a bit similar, but I dont feel compeled to play it.
- PGR 3 Graphics seem, imo, better then in PG4, specially the "inside the car view".
- Motorbikes are cool, but are a bit overpowered, and less realistic then the cars. I think that bikes and cars should be separated
- I like the weather effects system. Cool, and adds chaos and a random effect to a race.
- I'm glad they made return the customization of the race driver.
- I miss the cone chalenge the way it was PGR 2 and 3. So far, i've only add races to pass the cone gates.

So, in my opinion, the perfect PGR game would be:

- PGR 2 carrer system and cars.
- PGR 3 graphics.
- PGR 4 Weather effects and bikes.
- Bike and Car races separated.
- A new Geometry Wars!!!
- I also think that it would be cool if the game used the console clock and calendar to determine the daylight and weather conditions in some races.
- More cars. And jeeps, like the Porche Cayene in PGR 2 (imagine a Jeep race with snow?)
- Make us buy single cars, and not "packs" of cars.

Well, this is my short review. I'm having fun with PGR 4, it's true. But not as much as I did a few years ago with the Masterpiece PGR 2.

My 2 cents...