Most responsive controls for a racer so far

User Rating: 9.5 | Project Gotham Racing 4 X360
PGR4 is my first dive into the series, having previously been a NFS freak, but after about 3 minutes with PGR4 that all changed. Snappy, lightning fast, and above all, precise controls makes PGR4 the best driving experience for a video game so far. The disclaimer states that the game does not depict driving realistically, but being a semi experienced racer myself, I must say this is the closest I've come to a real driving experience in a video game. It seems all the "simulation" racer developers are under the impression that the more sluggish, slow and unresponsive the controls, the closer the game is to the real thing. THIS IS NOT TRUE! A sports/race car is supposed to have extremely quick responses (at least European and Japanese, if not American), and PGR4 emulates this beautifully.

That being said, PGR4 is NOT a simulator, although a lot more realistic than any racer currently out there, the actual physics is indeed geared more towards stylish driving. (Going faster around corners by hand-braking around it is not generally associated with realism. ;)

Anyway, all in all, PGR4 is an absolutely beautiful experience if you are into racing sweet rides in their natural state. None of the silly customizing which has nothing to do with driving whatsoever, and which is completely redundant, as you never see the car while racing anyway.