Road Rash!

User Rating: 10 | Project Gotham Racing 4 X360
OK so, the bikes are 'overpowered' - hey trade paint in cars and it's all that, trade paint on a bike and you're off!

Bought this for the bikes and not disappointed :)

Cars have a way higher top speed on average, but bikes have a way higher acceleration, better drift, better corners...

PGR4 I guess is the closest that I've been to Road Rash, back in the day?

I can't kick another rider off, but can show them some air moves ;)

I've taken some Invitationals w/ cars but mostly I run PGR4 for the bikes, and take a tip! The Ducatis seem to be the best!

I guess, if you're a racing gamer then Forza, Burnout may be more for you but I guess I'm commenting on the purely motorcycling aspect of PGR4 and that's what rocks this one for me ;)

Bizarre seems to have gone bust, so I guess no more PGR :(

Still, PGR4 is a damm good swansong, and the best bike racer that I've played, no contest MotoGP or SBK games, Road Rash next best ;)