Project gotham racing is back with dynamic weather effects and improved visuals.

User Rating: 8 | Project Gotham Racing 4 X360
Gameplay 80.5%: After pgr3 I tought that the 4th game in the series would be too similar to the third PGR that I hesitate buying this one but then since the game was cheap I decided to give it a try whatsoever. I started playing Career and I tought of the game fun because you have a calendar that describes wich event is on what day and youve got many cars to choose from exotic cars,tuners,muscle. The best part is that PGR4 has added weather effects that makes the game twice better because every bump on the road effects you're handling and even just a bit of water on the road can make you car drift for no apparent reason I think thats a great add on to the PGR series and I am definetly buying the 5th game. The career is long it took me approximately 10-12 hours to get to rank number 1 I think its really fun because there is a lot of racing modes and a lot of cars and tracks. But racing in PGR can get a bit repetitive because PGR has always been made with no free roam and the tracks pretty much repeats itself in the career. Online is fun there is a lot of game modes and personalising your own races are pretty much fun too. There is no track creator anymore wich sucks because it was a great future that has been removed that should've never been taken off.

Graphics 90% The graphics are stunning ever bit of damage is visible and the tracks and cars look glossy and greatly detailed. The 720p support is great and I have nothing to complain about the visuals in this game. Some laggs wich are really rare in a few races in the career.

Sound 90% There is a great choice to choose from in the audio player in the game but there is not a lot of choices like in PGR3 most songs that played has been listened to many times and I wish there was more choices. The car sounds are magnificent each car has its own sound not like in PGR3 wich some cars did not sound like the real thing. PGR4 really did a great job on the cars.

Overall 80.5%Overall PGR4 is a great game that will be satisfiying for any type of gamer mostly people that like simulation racing games rather than arcade racing games. I would rather a racing game thats funner rather than being realistic its my opinion.

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