Pgr 4 the best racing game on the 360

User Rating: 9.5 | Project Gotham Racing 4 X360
Buying this from Argos for £10 having read all the reviews I thought "Looks good I'll go and buy it so I did.

First impressions were that I didn't really like it because the cars were too hard to steer and the vibrations were too much but after a couple of hours I thought that it was really fun.

Game play

Really good with brilliant A.I and weather effects really realistic when you turn the corners you get a real sense of braking and accelerating out of the corners an added bonus is that in pgr4 it give you the chance to ride motorbikes for the first time and although the cockpit view is wobbly they are really fun to ride..


The graphics are really good they actually surprised me on how good they were with car details looking realistic although when you crash you don't see car parts falling off you just get a few dents but that doesn't matter because it is still a great game.

Game modes

Career mode where you create a driver and then race until till you reach number 1 ranking with multiple races and majors and seasons to race through
Arcade mode were you race to unlock medals at different events 6 for bikes and 6 for cars
Also they have custom match where you can race multi player
And finally Xbox live where you can race over Xbox live.

Overall rating