Offers a lot more than other racing games- I would highly reccomend PGR4 to anybody

User Rating: 8 | Project Gotham Racing 4 X360
PGR4 is a racing game based around the whole world, graphics are great and highly realistic considering the game was bought out soon after the 360 was..

It's an arcade style racer where you choose your driver, nationality then choose your car and race!
There are several different ways of racing (you unlock more as you progress in your main career) these include.. elimator, street race, cone mode, hot lap and many more.

One of the great features of PGR4 is you can also ride motorbikes aswell as cars.
There is a wide variety of music from classical to hip hop- you can customise which music plays through the settings menu.

I highly reccomend PGR4 to anybody even if you have never played or enjoyed a racer before.

Altough the game can be tricky at first.. it seemed for the first 30 minutes I played I crashed at every single corner, but with a bit of practise corners become challenging rather than fustrating.

Two player spitscreen and online mode also makes PGR4 an appealinf game- I only tested the splitscreen and found it OK- the view wasn't perfect but it was still fun to play with my mate in the same room.

There's a wide selection of vechiles to.. from super cars, bikes and classic cars- including minis, corvettes and super bikes.

I hope this review has helped- PGR4 is a great casual challenging racing game which has features for everyone.