Testing Mclauren SLR In Mitchelin Short Track,With Different Weathers.

User Rating: 8 | Project Gotham Racing 4 X360
im getting ready to test this game ,right now i am trying to install it on 360.
OK done.so i am just looking at the intro video of the game that explains the different cities and tracks that you will see in this game and also introduces different cars and even bikes that you can ride,from shanghai to germany and new york,mitchelin track and nurburgring and a lot more are introduced.
i have chosen a customized match in the mitchelin test track "the short test".
its amazing how many different weather types you can choose from,there are 10 different weather settings
in here to choose from,im gonna go for the light rain.
numbers of lap is set to 3.in the advanced settings you can choose the camera and choose if you
like the collision to be on,and also settings for transmission and so on, there are a lot of settings to be
set but you can just skip and not even touch them.afterwards you can choose your car,now
you can choose,from all classes cars and bikes or you can simply choose from class A to
class G,i am gonna go for all classes.
wow there are i dont know, like maybe 200 or even more cars here to choose from,you can choose any car
you like,well if you know cars a little bit more,then you know what fun you gonna have testing different cars with different weathers and so on,i am gonna try SLR McLaren the black one.while the game is loading it gives you a little tip too,that is really helpful.it counts down from 5 to 1.and here we go.
i just did the first lap and it seems that it is a bit hard to control the SLR,the car feels so heavy,and while i cant control the car in a straight line it keep giving me drift points,the second lap is just done here,and i got to know a bit more about how to control the car, you have to use brakes at certain point in order to keep the car in perfect balance,there are 5 different camera to choose from in the race,and one is from the inside of the car like the eyes of the driver i think it is known as cockpit view,im on the 3rd lap and the light rain is pouring on my front window of the SLR and from the inside camera it feels nice and real enough,its not the exact effect but i can feel the realism that they wanted to achieve.3laps done.its definitely not a simulator game but the arcade style of the game is nice.you can watch the replay and save it if you like.there are many different cameras to
watch the replay in,from inside of the car you can look around while in replay mode. you cant
directly look back,but just the front seat observing is good,
im testing it with a different weather and its clear sky,well now you can see the inside of the car
much more clear,the inside of the car feels like you are inside of a coffin,when you change back to the
first camera angle,you will see that the out side looks better and have better colour,if you look close at the modeling done for the
inside of the cars you can see that isnt perfect and it looks unfinished,the SLR that i am
driving now looks like doesnt have a working gauge,and looks turned off right now,dont know why.
there is a feature here that you can take a photo of the car in the current paused position of the car that you are driving in any race,you can move around your car freely and edit the picture that you are gonna take. there are alot of different effect that you can do for the picture you are taking for example you can add focus depth or you can change the amount of vehicle blur,there is an effect called tunnel and looks as if you have change the camera lense ,i can say that the photo editing tool is good or even perfect for now.i have just taken a picture with most of the effect on it and after taking it, it looks more rendered and perfect to me.you can save it and even upload it online.
im also trying that track in snow.yep definitely unstable due to the snowing on the track.i wonder if the stability is different compared to the icy weather.you cant go in a straight line you have to keep it straight,but great for the drift.when the weather is stormy with heavy rain.the stability is a lot different than the snowy weather you can go in a straight line but when you do a drift or do corners you may slip,and feels different,these are the great stuff that the PGR4 can do.well i tried the custom match for you guys, there is time attack,gotham career and arcade mode available too.
there are a lot of hidden features in the career mode.you can change your garage and walk around it in a 1st person camera,you can unlock a 3d feature for the game.and then you have to wear one of those old blue and red glasses.
at the end the thing that was amazing to me was the collection of cars here and the weather feature.
thanks for your time.