A fantastic game that really grows on you Xbox live is amazing.

User Rating: 9 | Project Gotham Racing 4 X360
In PGR 4 there are 7 main modes:
Single player modes:

Arcade Mode
Gothem Career
Time Trial

Multiplayer modes:

Xbox Live
Split Screen.

Now in arcade mode you get various sections and your aim is to get platinum medals in all events. You could say it is simular to Forza motorsport 2s Exhibition races in this way. However in Forza they are just races round 15 different tracks with the 7 AI opponents but here there are various including:

Street races

Breakthrough (checkpoint)

Hot Lap (time trial)

and many others i cant think of right now.

In Gothem Career your aim is to get to Rank #1 basicly you play events and try and win to get maximum points. Eventualy you will get higher and higher and soon you may get to rank #1. You may even be able to beat steelmatt007 online (doubt it).

Time trial is exactly the same as everywhere else but incase its all new to you, you race round a track to see how quick you can get round.

I wont focus on the multiplayer modes.

If you have any questions mail

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