The 4th game in the PGR series has just come out.. Could it be the best one? keep on reading to find out.

User Rating: 8.5 | Project Gotham Racing 4 X360
Project Gotham Racing series has always been about racing in style. It has also been known for 'kudos' and its impressive visuals. Now that PGR4 has come out, is it still like the game is meant to be?

PGR4 is based alot on PGR3 with alot of new features. tthe weather effects do have an effect and snow can be quite fun to drive in. PGR4 may not have the dramatic lighting from its predecessor, but the graphics are still one of the best ones for racing games. The soundtrack has a wide range of songs, some of which are rock, hip hop or even classical. Even better, there is now a bigger variety of cars after PGR3's supercar only list. They have pickups, saloons and even motorbikes!

PGR4 isn't an all positive game. this game does have a few drawbacks. When selecting difficulty, you really have to know what you want. selecting Easy is a piece of cake. normal is a touch too challenging. You'll either find yourself winning without really trying, or getting beaten. Motorbikes are good, but they just seem a bit out of place for this kind of racing.

PGR4 is a superb game. other than the difficulty, it is hard to find cons about the game. It is a good all-rounder and it still has what the Gotham Racing series is all about: speed, style, and having fun.