It's pretty good, but not like the best which was pgr2.

User Rating: 8.5 | Project Gotham Racing 4 X360
Upon getting pgr 4, i was expecting it to measure up similar or better to pgr 2. However, when i started the game up, i came upon a cheezy title menu. After getting started in the career, it is not divided as i had hoped in pgr2 where there are different classes, and challenges for each class. You progress through the career in seasons that comprise of racing of the course of 5 months or so in 3 continents. There is a calendar that is pretty useless because you just click on 'today's event' and it takes you to a list of championships/events to enter anyways. If you do not do well and win the cars in the car challenges you must wait until that same time the next season to try again. However, if you feel that you will fail the attempt you can restart at any time in the race. The game does keep its traditional kudos style points. They work well with the gameplay and really make racing fun on the track. However, in career there is a maximum amount of kudos that you can earn in a race (usually 3000 which you can earn by pretty much just driving anyways) that makes it seem a bit frustrating and pointless with 2 laps to go and not hearing the ticking of your kudos being racked up. The added element of motorcycles is an interesting mix because they race integrated with the cars. If you are driving a car these are the easiest things in the world to pass, just knock them off the bike and voila, first place. Aside from passing them, driving them proves a bit of a challenge. It was hard for me to get used to driving on two wheels all the time, the bikes to me are hard to turn and are frustrating to get down right. After you finish a season, the next season just starts right up, so there doesn't seem to be any ending yet as i can tell. In the arcade mode there are different categories to earn kudos medals exactly like pgr2 and 3. This was always my favorite part of 2, but is something that 3 lacked heavily. In 4's arcade mode there are only a few different categories, with a few challenges each, and the AI on platinum is not near what it was on pgr2, so I lack a sense of real accomplishment when i dont spend more than 5-7 mins earning a platinum medal. Online component felt a bit rushed in the making. The interface is terrible, and the matchmaking takes forever. I cannot tell whether there is no one online or it is just waiting to connect to another player. In addition, one of the main disappointments was the online component. In 2, the rooms were very self explanatory as well as the kudos level of each player was portrayed nicely next to their gamertag and really made you keep playing the game to keep climbing that ladder to get your rank up. This is something that pgr 4 also lacks. Overall, it is a good racing game, and the physics feel exactly and a little bit better than 2, but lacks that real fun aspect of replay value that 2 just nailed perfectly in every aspect.