My favorite racing game to come out so far.

User Rating: 9 | Project Gotham Racing 4 X360
Project Gotham Racing is my favorite racing series, anyone who knows my gaming habits already knows this. It is my favorite series for good reason,its beautiful, its addictive, and its fun, but still on the realistic side. As the latest in the series this is naturally now my favorite racing game, but let me explain why.

The graphics are stunning. PGR3 already had amazing graphics and PGR4 has improved on them immensely, which is a good thing because racing is a genre where graphics actually somewhat matter. The new eather effects are very well done, its very cool to drive through the snow and see it batter against your windshield so that your windshield wipers can wipe it off. The cockpit view is as awesome as ever. The lighting effects are spectacular. The backgrounds are great. The detail put into this game is amazing.

The soundwork is just as good as the visuals. The muscic is from all genres but was picked out well, and most people should be satisfied. The vehicles all sound great, accurate and unique. This is something that is sorely overlooked in the Gran Turismo and Forza series.

The gameplay is where this series really shines above Gran Turismo and Forza. It manages to stay both realistic and fun, not an easy feat. I love just flying around those turns, barely making it, or flying past my nemesis on the straight away. This brings me to the newly implemented ranking system. Now you compete against other npc drivers from all over the world until you eventually reach rank #1. This is in replacement of the traditional career mode and I think its great. Also races go by a calendar now rather than just a menu screen, which is pretty cool. There are motorcycles thrown in to the mix now. I personally prefer to drive the cars but I know there's some that prefer the bikes, and it all seems balanced enough. The garages are back, as well as the beloved Geometry Wars which makes for a good distraction. Online mode is back and as great as it was last time around. This game has the best gameplay out of any racing game I've ever played.

What an amazing racing game I'll tell ya. Anyone who enjoys racing games should be able to fall in love with this awesome game.