This is by far the best racing game ive encountered, and the best PGR by far!

User Rating: 10 | Project Gotham Racing 4 X360
PGR 4 is an exellent racing game. this time on both car and bike (motor). PGR 4, not only does it develop PGR 3 GREAT racing system. It also develops upon its career. this time round you are racing for your country. Ther are four different ranks: ametuer, professional, hotshot and the otherone i forget. Your trying to reach #1. Im currently #41. This time you also have a race calender so you choose when to race, and you go through seasons. There are now new tracks aswell and wheather conditions. Yhe tracks iclude: Michelin test track, ST Pettersburg, quebec, shanghai plus new routes on the tracks from PGR 3. Also you can have any wheather settng you can imagine, well almost any, exluding mega storms.There is now an absoutly huge array of cars and bikes which you buy with Kudos on career or race em 4 free in custom race.So if youve read this you know you want 2 buy it.