Best yet! A must have for racing fans.

User Rating: 9 | Project Gotham Racing 4 X360
Bizzare Creations deliver yet another solid and enjoyable Project Gotham Racing installment.

To begin with the game play is as great as you'll find in a racing game. The brakes and acceleration work fantastically well on all the cars, as they did in PGR 2, but a word of warning: the bikes can be hell to handle. In bad conditions however the cars don't react entirely realistically.

The kudos system has also been improved since PGR3, giving you points for things that matter, such as cornering.

The graphics on the cars themselves are stunning, with the bodywork looking almost real, and weather effects are exceptional. There is only one fault in the graphics, on a few of the tracks the backgrounds are very dull and lack detail, some areas consist of just a gray sky. This isn't hugely important, but can be frustrating on such a great looking game.

Another disapointment in the graphics however is the damage modelling,which is as good as removed entirely, making the seem unrealistic when you hit a wall at 190 mph.

The career mode is also thrilling, in which you must climb the ranks of drivers, competing in many tournaments, and the AI puts up an excellent fight.

There are a vast amount of cars and bikes to purchase, which is very pleasing. Another pleasing touch is the mileometer, which changes depending on yor car, and they look great when you gain the better performance cars.

The in game sounds such as engines anr also great, but it has to be said the music is awful. Other than these small flaws the game is near perfect and I definitley recommend any racing fan picks it up, one of the best racers on the system by far.