Great arcade racing game! and easily the best in the PGR Series.

User Rating: 9 | Project Gotham Racing 4 X360
Well when I got my Xbox 360 my first game i played on it was this game, PGR4. and first of all I must say stop comparing this game to Forza Mortorsport 2 and 3, and the games in the NFS series, this game doesn't have the features that this game has and they are 3 totally different racing game layouts.

Now onto my review. This game is in a class of it's own! it is the best arcade style game i've ever played. the car selection is great, so far it's the onlky game i've found that has cars like the AM V8 Vantage, and the fastest production road legal car ever made, the SSC ultimate Aero Twin Turbo, and other cool cars like the Caparo T1. And it's also very good that they actually have some normal cars in this version, in PGR's of past it was just all supercars, which is fine, but now with normal cars it's even better.

The Cudos system is also a very good, fresh idea in the racing game world, it's nice that u can earn them by basically showing off. It's also kinda cool that you can't upgrade cars, it makes getting newer cars easier since you don't need to race as much to make kudos.

Graphics are also very good in this game, i epecally love the in car view, it's vry well detalled and you can see the whole interior, not just the driving view like in Forza 3's in-car view.

Overall I love this game!