Start your engines, PGR is back with purpose.

User Rating: 9 | Project Gotham Racing 4 X360
Mini Review

Project Gotham Racing has been a massively popular series since its launch on the Original Xbox system many moons ago and the series contines to exceed our expectations. The fourth installment isn't so different to PGR3 at its core. However, PGR4 has been re-tuned and the results are staggering, and this time around you can even hop on a motorbike, result!

Still a fine looking game. Every vehicle and geographical environment look like their real life counterparts and are beautifully rendered in HD. It is clear from the sheer detail that the developers have not cut any corners in presenting a visually stunning game.

Vroom, Vroom! The in car sounds are spectacular, where each vehicle has it's own rumble or purr. The in game music gives a theatrical feel to a great racer.

The control of each vehicle is unique and represents the true handling of the chosen vehcile, which translates to a fun and ultra realistic driving experience. Thrashing finely constructed graphical representations of your favourite sports car (or motorbike) around a track has never been such a pleasure.

There's a comprehensive career mode where you can earn points to unlock and buy new vehicles and race aginst the best drivers in the PGR World. There are multiplayer options, online and offline that will keep you engrossed for a long, long time. No doubt you will also spend a lot of time walking around your garage taking snap shots of a your dream vehicle fleet.

PGR3 was a polished title when it was released but yet PGR4 has still managed to improve on the the standards that it's predessor set. The ability to ride around on motorbikes is a welcome addition and the extra features, additional vehicles and extended track listings will keep racing fans dribbling right up until the next installment. To put it simply, PGR 4 is best racing simulator to be released on the Xbox 360 to date.