The Popular Project Gotham Series has returned for a fourth installment in the amazing franchise this time with bikes!

User Rating: 9 | Project Gotham Racing 4 X360
Project Gotham Racing has always been a amazing game right through from 1 to 4 it has delivered amazing graphics and amazing multiplayer and the latest installment doesnt dissapoint.

The people at bizzare studios have taken a big twist on "Gotham Career" mode this time with more of an organized approach to the many various races and Cone Challenges you must tackle over the campaign, in the previous games you would pick a city and do an event, where as in Gotham Racing 4 You have your own "HQ" with your Time Table Garage ETC.

This helps to add the effect of an actual "Campaign" mode not just a random sequence of Races

Now moving on to the cars (And now bikes), Like always bizzare studious have taken full use of the 360's Downloadable Content feature so really their is no limit to what cars and bikes their are.

Even without DLC this game still has an amazing set of wheels that will keep you busy for ages from "Road Legal" F1 Cars to the Gumpert Apollo (For any of you who watch Top Gear) to the 90's "Rocket" Car

I would love to tell you about the amazing Multiplayer but unfortunatly i cant, Their is no one playing it!

PGR4 is an Amazing Racing Game with amazing cars and tracks, the only problem is the lack of people playing!