This game gets better the longer you play it.

User Rating: 9 | Project Gotham Racing 4 X360
Pros: Superb graphics; large selection of cars and bikes; cars feel realistic without feeling overly sim-like; huge variety of race customization options; Geometry Wars is included.

Cons: Career mode is a disappointment; bikes are not fun to drive.

This game won't necessarily seem too good at first play. Yes, the cars handle good; yes, the graphics are good, but it just seems like a plain old racer. The career mode is pretty much just a series of races and championships without much embellishment. Also, the bikes in the game handle horribly. They all seem much too twitchy and hard to steer straight, especially when doing tricks (though that is probably to be expected.) The brakes are horrible as well, and the bikes do not corner well at all.

However, strip away the career mode and the bikes, and the custom race option in PGR4 makes the game. You can choose any of the huge selection of cars and tracks, all incredibly detailed. You can choose any of the superb-looking and race-altering weather effects. Creating your own race with its own unique challenge is really the best part of this game. You can create a shootout between two ultra-fast cars, where the only obstacle is the mass of slow cars that can determine the winner; you can create a high-intensity oval race with a field of overpowered tank-like Cadillacs; you can do basically anything, and it all ends up being really fun. In fact, I think I'm going to play PGR4 right now.