I got this game the first day it came out. My opinion has changed since then... for the better. It's a great racer.

User Rating: 8.5 | Project Gotham Racing 4 X360
I was keen to get my hands on PGR4, even before it came out. I remembered fondly the hours of online fun I had with PGR2, which was the last one I owned on Xbox.

I read the previews, things seemed to be shaping up nicely. I got my copy through the post on day of release, and couldn't wait to get the wrapping off and the game into the 360.

It was great nosing around tall the options. There are tonnes of menus and this will keep you confused for a while, not the best menu system I've come across.

I got this game mailnly for the online racing as opposed to the single player arcade or career modes. Back then trying to get a race going was very frustrating, particularly if you select the 'ranked match' options. you could easily kill 20 mins waiting. That was then, today, it still takes a while, perhaps up to five minutes. The problems back then I suspect, was to do with not many racers online from day one.

I have spent quite some time on both arcade mode, career mode and online racing. All is very enjoyable, and although PGR is not a sim like Forza, there is a notible difference in the cars in the various classes, which will require time to master.

I really like the tracks on PGR4, thay are all great and offer different challenges. London and Quebec are my favorites, as well as the technically challenging Macau.

The cars themselves are gorgeous and whilst bits do not fly off the cars and damage drivability (as per Forza), your car can be visibly damaged, such as being scraped, dented and smashed windows etc.

The weather effects are excellent both visually and how it affects your driving, amazing, I think the developers done a really good job on this.

The other details that are noteworthy (from my point of view), is the replay and photo modes. These are both really well implimented too. I can replay a race, take a photo of it, download it from the official website, and have it as my wallpaper within five minutes. COOL. I've even printed a few of the best ones out and framed them on my wall.

All in all, ease of use and playability is not as good as PGR2, but the graphics, online gameplay and single player, is a lot of fun, and can appeal to both the novice and hardcore arcade racing fans.