PGR4 xbox 360 review

User Rating: 8 | Project Gotham Racing 4 X360
PGR4 is in one word "great" it has fantastic graphics great physics and kudos like the other PGRS but this time its not came of as well as the previous few for example pgr4 has no porsches and has included bikes into the game which we did not need. The career is where the game falls down its just not that fun the AI on normal are hard to beat and are just annoying but once you race on snow or in the rain you see that this game looks visually stunning and in my own opinion GT5 good i mean the rain going down the window looks like real rain drops and the road when wet looks like a real wet road its incredible to look at and the 360s racing graphical king so far.

The mp is a lot of fun bulldog is huge laugh and is very addictive to play with friends its really what pgr4 does best and is probaly going to be your main reason to keep it in your collection and the other gamemodes will suit anyone who just want to have a laugh.

fantastic graphics
snow and rain really make it more fun
great car choices like the DMC or 60s mini or the f40 ferrari

career not that much fun
needs more cars
bikes are quick but were not needed

pgr4 is a great game with stunning graphics but its poor career puts a dent on an other wise great game.