PGR4 is a petrol head frenzied series of short races in some extream conditions it's sure to set pulses racing.

User Rating: 9 | Project Gotham Racing 4 X360
For the person who does not like races that can last for ever and wants some short sharp tests of speed, skill and arrogance then PGR4 is for you.

Rev your engine and impress the spectators for the kudos that will carry you up the rankings to first place, and just when you think it's about driving fast and pulling handbrake turns then guess again. In PGR4 the new weather system means for the first time that you have to have driving skill aswell as a willingness to keep your pedel to the metal, from sun, heavey rain and even ice keeping on the roads and out of barriers is very important no longer can you drift around the corner and using the side wall to keep you on track and in the lead, not only will you be vastly slowed down but the kudos points that you were getting sliding around that corner will be lost and a penalty of 1 second before you can start getting kudos again.

This time you can be on a bike and it can put you in an advantage or disadvantage, yes you fall off your bike if you time your breaking wrong or run into the side of the car as you go around the corner but cornering is easier for the bike well for the most part it is on a short track trying to stay insome cones it puts you at a disadvantage.

If you like to stop and gaze at your car or bike as you fly through the air then you can pause and take a photo of the amzing flight. you can visit your fav cars in your garage when ever you want or hone your skills on your own private test track.

all in all a great game that keeps races short and sharp and varried.