The king of the 360 arcade racer keeps it's crown.

User Rating: 8.5 | Project Gotham Racing 4 X360
One of those hidden gems. The cars do not look that great but the cities look awesome and the tracks are some of, if not the best tracks of any racer on the market. The look of the game is unique. Love it. Also the handling is great. A touch of realism helps it stand out. The big bonus is bikes and weather effects. Bikes got the same care as the cars but feel different enough to make them stand out. The learning curve is also a tad different. The weather effects are great as well. The rain is convincing, the fog is good without being distracting and the ice and rain makes the roads realistically slick. The biggest thing PGR has over the competition is the kudos system that rewards you on how you drive and the types of races the game has. Never has a racing game had so many different types of races. From time trials to cone challenges. It is packed. Bizzare Creations could make a PGR game in their sleep at this point and it has its own look and feel. Sadly Activision bought the developer and closed them down putting the series in hiatus. It is a great game. It would be a shame if Microsoft never gets around to making another one.