Almost to Realistic.

User Rating: 6.5 | Project Gotham Racing 4 X360
Well PGR 4 is extremely hard its very realistic like the fact that none of the car's are fake and there all real. They almost gave you to big a seclection to deal with. I find my self just trying to get Kudos just to buy new car's that look cool but really stink and some of them have really awesome stat's but are like almost impossible to handle.

I've always been a fan of PGR but this one just really strayed away from the classic thing's of the PGR game's and i think they mad e it to hard! I mean i think that it's hard to handle a car going like 200 MPH. But they also made it unrealistic like the fact that car's cant wreck but motorcycles can and you can just pwn some body that likes motorcycle's.

Although the handleing for some car's is hard it's kinda fun to just drive really fast and just watch your card just randomly turn and wreck lol.

i know this was really short but who cares! bye!