I Give Kudos (No Pun Intended) To This Truly Fantastic Racer

User Rating: 9.5 | Project Gotham Racing 3 X360
For an Xbox 360 Launch title, (and sequel to PGR 2 which came out on the Xbox in 2003) PGR 3 gives a supreme demonstration on what racing games released on the Xbox 360 can do. You get lots of exotic cars to race with,(i.e: Enzo Ferrari, Callaway C7, etc.) the Kudos system is as rewarding as ever, it caters to drivers of all skill levels, and the music is truly a thrill to listen to, especially when listening to some upbeat Indian dance numbers. You get race events as normal street races, (you against 7 other drivers) eliminators, Time trials, cone gates, and even Kudos to win (generic time trial races where you have to rack up Kudos points by drifting around corners or whatever to stop the clock while you try to reach your target time.). You also get a lot of neat-looking garages to store your car in (i.e: one with a barn setting) and, yes of course, there's Geometry Wars to play with (talk about a game within a game). Overall, PGR 3 is truly fantastic racer and a real must-have, seeing that it caters to all driving levels, no matter how good or how bad you are.