For those who don't like racing games, this isn't going to be the series to convince you otherwise.

User Rating: 7 | Project Gotham Racing 3 X360
I'm writing this review as a gamer who plays very few racing games and in general doesn't find the genre especially entertaining. I hate to say it, but Mario Kart is one of the only racing games I've ever really had a blast playing. I don't really enjoy the thrill of driving alone, so I like a little more to do (weapons or whatnot). For those who really like racing games, I'm sure you'll have far more fun with this game than I did, so please disregard this review.

Gameplay (7/10): My primary complaint with this game is that it is utterly average. Despite the addition of the "Kudos" system and the variation between different cities, PGR feels like almost every other racing game. On the arcade to simulation spectrum it's somewhere in the middle, perhaps a little less Burnout and more Forza.

Since PGR does little to make it stand out from the pack, there's little to keep you engaged with the game. Start a career, win a few races, earn enough money to expand your garage, repeat, repeat, repeat. There are a variety of races you can do: some involve getting lots of Kudos, some involve specific timed challenges, and some are just plain old races between you and AI opponents.

Presentation (8/10): The game is pretty, there's no denying it. But it was outdone only a little while later by Forza Motorsport 2, and quite dramatically. Forza is a beautiful game, while Burnout, another competitor, has a more in-your-face style thanks to the explosive and violent gameplay. Once again, PGR seems to play it a bit safe to me. It really doesn't stand out of the crowd, despite its high production values.

Let me stress once again, as a final note, that this review and the score are not intended to be indicative of how racing enthusiasts will take this game. I'm writing this review from the perspective of a primarily first-person shooter and sports game fan. For me, this game didn't really make me want to keep playing. I played for a few hours to feel like I'd gotten my money's worth, then stopped.