Great gameplay, great graphics, great fun!

User Rating: 8.5 | Project Gotham Racing 3 X360
This is a great racing game. The choice of difficulty level leaves it open to most anyone who wants to give it a go and the switch between different racing styles in career mode keeps the game from being repetitive and boring. The fact that this game is half racing, half racing style is what makes it enjoyable for me. There's always a new trick to try to help keep the monotony out of racing the same tracks more than once.

There's no shortage of tracks, and with the option to customize your own, it certainly doesn't get boring. The option to go into spectator mode on Xbox Live helps you pick up some tricks and learn how they're done by the racing game pros. There's a good selection of cards to choose from, and the time it takes to earn the points needed to get these cars definitely make them that mush sweeter.

Easy to play, nice to look at, and an overall great gaming experience. Definitely worth a try.