A pretty fun racing game that gets boring after awhile, but should prove fun for racing fans.

User Rating: 8 | Project Gotham Racing 3 X360
PGR 3 is a pretty good racing game. However it lacks a real depth to the gameplay, and to most of what you do in the game. Pretty much you just go to different cities do some street races, do some occasional driving challenges, and compete in some races that are much longer than others. That's not to say that this game isn't fun, however the game definetly could have used a little more to do in it. The races on the easier difficulties tend to not be to challenging, but once you start going up into the medium difficulty it gets really hard. I mean the races feel hard on medium, as you have to pretty much be perfect to win. I had one of the fastest cars in the game, and on a one on one race in the career mode, I was completly smoked after I made one turn to sharply. While this makes the game a little unforgiving on this difficulty, it also ensures that you won't be able to breeze through the game like you could on novice and easy. One thing that is really good about this game is the cars. I think it's cool how there is such a huge variety between some cars, how some have an extremlly high acceleration, but they spin out really easy, then how some cars have really high tod speed but low acceleration. The cars in the game feel really balanced, and this is a lot of why PGR 3 is such a fun game. There is also a huge selection of cars to play around with, and you can also win some concept cars for completing different events on higher difficulty levels. One thing that is interesting about PGR 3 is the kudos. Kudos is basically the amount of points you get performing different things with your car. For example if you go around the corner and you do a sharp spin you will gain a lot of kudos. In some events you even have to reach a certian amount of kudos before you can pass, which can be interesting. The races themselves feel solid, and the variation of events, keep the racing a little more varied. Yet it still feels like something is missing from PGR 3 which can cause the game to get boring after 2-3 hours of playing. Overall 8/10 I must say I am not a fan of racing games, but I still had a good time playing this game. The trick system and varied events kept me entertained, despite the punishing difficulty and feeling of boredom after awhile. But if you are a fan of racing definetly buy this, and even if you aren't at least rent it.