Project Gotham Racing 3 is the absolute best of it's series, and it brings me a look foward to buying PGR4.

User Rating: 9 | Project Gotham Racing 3 X360
Project gotham Rcing 3 Overpassed the first 2, and overpassed my expectatiins much farther.

The gameplay is the Best feature of this game. It is just plain fun to drive the cars, more fun than driving the Motorcycles in Moto GP 06. Some turns are put a little too far, but at least it matches the stats of the car. The game has a great feel of speed, which is what makes you keep playing, and playing, and playing.
The controls are easy to use, and takes advantage of the XBOX 360 controller button placement, making it perfect for driving. The controls are very motion sensitive, but not so sensitive that it ruins, or even slightly damages the gameplay. Some parts it just gives you a wonder cxhill down your spine, saying what you should do.
There are no upgrades to the cars, which give it your retro-style racing game.

Gameplay on PGR3 Get's a 9.7/10.

Graphics are beautiful. There is near perfect Shading and shining, distant objects dont implode when you go farther away, but instead, gives great visual feedback and has the object get smaller unti it is less than one pixel big.
Cars are so real, it's unbelieveable. it looks so good that it's like the System couldn't take it, but it did. Some cars look big to the track if you compare to Forza Motorsport (Example: Nurburgring Nordshlette [Don't correct me!]) but the cars are still great.
The only flaw is that occasionally, in the more natural tracks with more trees, it kind of looks like it has too much color.

Graphics on the Game get a 9.1/10

The sound is great, but not the best I've heard. The engine on some cars are a little too quiet, and some are unhearable. The tire screech is a little quiet too. So Mainly, the sound is aa tab too quiet.

The music is awesome, love the rock. But it's not that important since it is a racing game.

Sound on the Game gets an 8/10.

Not much to type about, since it dosent have a true storyline, nor voices, or certain platformer/RPG categories.

Overall, I'd recommend this game to anyone who has a 360, and if your looking for a classic-style racing game, definitely get this one. If your looing for a game that lets you upgrade cars and design them, I would recommend it, but be cautios then.

Score: 9.0/10
Real Score: 8.9/10