Would simply like to point out to Gamespot that this should have a 9 by their score not an 8.8!!!!!!!! Sort it out!!!!!!

User Rating: 9 | Project Gotham Racing 3 X360
The average of all the scores for each category i.e graphics, tilt etc is 9 not 8.8. Another example of Gamespots anit x box mentality. Please learn to count!! Please explain yourselves, this attitude is getting tiresome! And if you say that the score is not simply an avearge of all the categories but is slanted at the end towards how the reviewer feels about the title then why even include reviewrs tilt as a category!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is totally subpar in my opinion and not in line with the rest of the game journalist community. You influence many people by your opinions as they are very well respected, please be more responsible.