The Best

User Rating: 10 | Project Gotham Racing 3 X360
Pgr is the best racing franchise ever. It has the best modes and cars ever. The games graphics are brilliant and amazing . That games could literaly last for years. I like all the cars in the game, thay are fast and responsive. They upped up the realism in this game. Youc can also drive with the inside veiw of the car, which also has 40,000 polygons. The gameplay is amizng. The sound on 5.1 dolby is breathtaking, The value is forever.
What really makes this game next-generation? It's not really the gameplay. It's the graphics and presentation. Visually, PGR3 is set up to look absolutely gorgeous when in 720p or 1080i. It's still pretty in 480p, but it looks more like an Xbox game to be honest. The high-def setting makes a world of difference. If you don't have a High-definition set-up, look into it quick!