Nothing new...just old news. Needed mabey a new setting and better graphics to make it next gen. Just PGR2 for next gen.

User Rating: 6.5 | Project Gotham Racing 3 X360
Sure its got a bit better graphics but for next gen it dont look that impressive. Only view that makes the game look good is the in car view and i dont think i would use that much. No new settings as far as know and basically its just pgr2 with less cars, and a bit better graphics....Dont really like it for next gen.
I'd reccomend that you rent it first because the 80 cars that you can choose from and realistic in car view may attract you to the game. Im more of a sports/first person genre guy so these games dont make me pitch a tent or anything like that although i did like pgr2 but this is just pgr2 with better i c no point in playing it when i have pgr2 for xbox...