User Rating: 10 | Project Gotham Racing 3 X360
My brother is a manager for gamestop and they have a playable demo with the 360 console. And all i gotta say i wow. From the graphics to the gameplay, it delivers everything you'd want in a launch game. I really don't like racing games but this was WOW. It shows you the power of the console and it delivers great gameplay along with it. After playing just the demo for an hour...I couldnt stop; it just was like a part of me i didnt want to let go of. I actually thought for a second that i was watching like live tv or sumthin lol. The graphics are amazing! And i love how microsoft turned the white and black buttons into sholder buttons, at first i thought hmm then i thought it was a great idea. I believe that this console will literally eat PS3 alive. and i am a ps2 fan. im switchin over to MICROSOFT, c ya later SONY.