PGR3 offers a great driving experience all the aspects of the game are strong.

User Rating: 8.5 | Project Gotham Racing 3 X360
Project Gotham Racing 3 Review:

Gameplay - The good: I have played the previous games in the series and I have to say that PGR3 really got advanced in the driving experience since the driving mechanics are really realistic you almost feel like you are driving the car you are choosing and I haven't experienced nothing like this before from a racing game. I like more racing games like need for speed most wanted where you drive cars and street race illegally with police cars chasing after you. But PGR3 does not offer that type of experience it has real driving tracks only made for racing no cops and you go from race to race to different country's to different cities. The AI in this game is most impressive try doing a race on Platinum medal seems impossible since the AI racer drives and turns on sharp angles wich makes it hard for you to pass the race i've got a lot of platinum medals and I've even got a platinum trophy award. It's not that hard it takes skills and a lot of great visualtion on when to stop on the right moment or when to turn quickly or slower. This game has 23 championships and each championship contains races do 3 races you get a trophy but the max races for a championship is 7 or 8 most likely each championship will last a good 20 minutes depending on wich you are doing. I think it's worth playing since it has such a great career and fun races. You can fill your garages and get 50-75 cars and so on you can also have every car in the game and walk around the garage test drive take photos and so on. The gameplay is one of the best parts of the game.

Gameplay the Bad : PGR3 is mostly repetitive it seems like the game does not have a lot to it. That is whats mostly bad. I like racing games with free roam and drive to your designated races and not playing races and choosing it from the game.

Graphics: The graphics are stunning for the first year of gaming on the xbox when you compared 2010 games with 2005 when I look at PGR3 the graphics were actually pretty sharp for its year.

Sound: The music is great it has great variety from pop,to r&b,rock,classic music and so on. I really liked the choices that there were available on the songs. Each car has its own particular sound like most racing games some of the cars sound pretty much all the same like in PGR1 or PGR2 all the cars sounded the same but PGR3 has all the types of sound for every single car that exists in the game thats pretty good work on the cars.

Value: This game is worth a rent to see if you like this type of racing game this is not a need for speed game its a game based on skill driving and determination on skills. Renting it would be the best choice but buying it isn't a bad choice either.

Project Gotham Racing 3 has great potentiel and I dont regret beating the game.