This game is fookin sweet. Came with steering wheel and works damn good with it!

User Rating: 8.5 | Project Gotham Racing 3 X360
Well at first i wasnt too impressed considering i bought it after i had Forza 2.

But after a few races i was hooked! it doesnt have the realistic car handling but thats what you get in an arcade style racing game.

I didn't really think the graphics where amazing. the cars look good and i love the incar view that actually feels like your driving the car :). Environments look decent. Then i remebered this is an early 360 game. so compared to the lineup out now there should be several graphical improvments in PGR4.

Career mode is short but has good replay value. Nothing wrong with that.
Online is your typical setup nothing new here but theres no gliches or bugs and not much lag so all in all its a damn fun game.

this game is now a bargain so IF you do not have it yet get it now!!!!

And BTW the wheel and pedals work amazing in this game! very responsive and has a good feel to the game. A must get for racing fans.