A fantastic (if old) racer that will blow you away.

User Rating: 9 | Project Gotham Racing 3 X360
I am a huge fan of racers and I wanted to play this game when I first saw it. Since the Project Gotham series was so good on the Xbox it was obviously going to be good on the Xbox 360.
The graphics are lush. Very smooth and slick. The framerate is near perfect and stays up. The controls are great and comfortable. Control stick to move. L-T shoulder button to accelerate (correct me if I'm wrong) and the A button to brake. You can also press X, B and Y to brake too. There are alot of cars to choose from ranging from Ferrari and Lamborghini.
You can even own garages to store cars in. The more cars you get the more garages you'll have. You can play career mode or play time mode. In career mode you will have to accomplish missions to earn money and unlock more cars, such missions like overtake a car or win a street race or even try to beat a speed recorded on a speed camera. It's all very smart stuff.
There is one problem with career mode, there are no tournaments or actual races but they are still fun. In play time mode you choose a car and play a track either with some friends
or against the computer. There are more modes but they aren't main modes. Project Gotham 3 is a unique game. With Brilliant graphics, awesome controls, great missions and alot of fun.