Best racing game ever! Simply rich and thrilling!

User Rating: 10 | Project CARS 2 PS4

So far, Project Cars 2 (PC2) is the best game that I have already played. Before its arrival, Forza Motorsport occupied that leading position.

Didn't really understand why GS gave it a 7, not deserved, at all.

Game has lots of options for the ones who love speed. Career mode, online gaming, time trials.

Driving experience is unique: Lots of camera options, amazing sense of driving, very good competitive AI, composition of tracks and weather is an artwork.

Different car categories, circuits give a lot to gamers. While driving, you can even tell how bumpy is a tarmac or how much wear have tires suffered.

Career mode is unbelievably long, arduous and tough, but that exactly what I was looking forward. You must learn where to start braking, where to keep acceleration, and where to step down on the accelerator.

Furthermore, there are amazing visual effects, excellent ways to configure your car (one can either ask to the engineer perform some adjustments or do it himself).

The game has much more life than GT series and much more glow than need for speed, which is too arcady.

strongly recommend everyone to try this incredible game. You won't regret.