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David and Goliath.

No I am not talking about the bible guys directly but I am making a comparison to Nintendo (David),  Sony and Microsoft (Goliath).  Not predicting a Nintendo victory either just comparing.  They were the one's that really put video games into the business it is today.  With that being said though why can't they just go along with the others in the graphics department.  Every time they put out a system it is never better.  I know the Gamecube was technically better  then the PS2 but I didn't see any God of Wars on the system.  Always with the no we think cartridges are still the way to go, not counting anything Myamoto(sp?) makes because is a genious game maker and could do that on anything, but everything else can't compare with cd's.  Then they finally do go cd but what's with the tiny cd's.  Again as always Myamoto the exception, nothing earth shattering.  DS awsome innovation on the control scheme but again nothing compared to the PSP.  Now the Wii same thing Myamoto will rule it but graphically not much better than the GC probably.  No HD because they think it is still 5 years away.  Come on already just make it up to par with the others.  Sony and Microsoft are BIG companies that put the best armor and give the flashier more devastating weapons to there fighters.  And here comes Nintendo with there little sling shot and rocks to fight with.  Will they finally hit them in head and knock them out, or hit there achilles heel with a well placed shot ???   Who knows but until they show me something different my money is on Goliath.     

Phantasy Star, to be or not to be

I'm sure this is going to sound stupid but that's what these things are for I guess.  I LOVE Phantasy Star games alot.  1, 2, 3(the worst one) and 4.  Like I said with the exception of 3 they were all awsome games and when I heard about PS online for the Dream Cast I was like whoa this might be cool but when I played it I didn't feel like I was playing a PS game.  I mean it's an OK game but it's not Phantasy Star not even close.  Final Fantasy online is great you know your playing FF through and through.  So after all that I hear about PS Universe and on the 360 to boot, awsome.  I get it and alas the same thing.  Not Phantasy Star again.  It should have been named something else.  The only thing that saves it in my opinion is the soundtrack, very well done.  I'll play it through for the story and the soundtrack and last but not least the gamer score.  I'm sure I will enjoy it for what it is not, then for what it is, or says it is.