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I don't know what happened today, but all of a sudden, I've lost interest in video games. I think I'm going to take a break from them. I don't know how long. It could be forever, it could be till I graduate, or maybe I'm just feeling down today and I might pick it up tomorrow. I don't know. All I know is I'm losing interest. There's just...more important things going on right now. If I am leaving gamespot, I want to say thanks to everybody that made my time on this site so memorable. Bad_Mofo_Gamer, NeoJedi, ZeldaMaster32, and all of my friends and union leaders. Thanks for making gamespot, in the most part, a great experience for me. Maybe I'll come on once an a while to comment on your blogs or ask what's up. Keep on gaming gamespot :).


Sorry to make multiple blogs in one day. But I ran into an interesting "commercial" the other day on collegehumor.com . Funny stuff you should check it out. Anyways here's the commercial I don't know if it's real or fake, I don't have G4 (but I bet it's fake.) If it is real, I'll let you guys make your decision on what you think of that ;).

CES replacing E3

If you haven't heard, click here But why? Seriously, why? I know this hasn't been confirmed, but why are they even considering this? How is this going to be any different from E3? It wasn't the ESA that wanted to downsize E3, it was the publishers. CES is already getting enough attention already. Gamespot has pretty good coverage of the event, and they don't even have huge 20 million dollar booths packed into a convention center filled with 60,000 people. So it's beyond me why they want to do this. But here's what could happen: 1) They try to go the course of E3, but publishers don't want to pay the money. 2) They make a smaller E3. I don't know how they'll do this, but it's pointless anyways if they don't get the mass media coverage. 3) They decide to ditch the idea (the best scenario in my opinion.) or 4) Some how they make it work and a new E3 is born (with better hot dogs :D. Ok so maybe this is the best scenario, but it's WAAAY out there.) I like CES for what it is. A place where companies can show off all their cool gadgets. Hell, it's not even a game show. I don't see how making it into one is going to help anybody. But hey, if they pull it off, more power to them. But even if they do, I don't see how spending millions on an event that could be spent on making games will help this industry...

Went down to CD Warehouse today...

And bought some CD's (WOAH:o):  Album: Led Zeppelin I Artist: Led Zeppelin  Album: Ramones Artist: The Ramones  Album: Americana Artist: The Offspring  Album: Splinter Artist: The Offspring Pretty good choice for me so far. I especially like Americana. After tripping over multiple cords and stepping on a screw driver, I finally decided to clean up my room. Almost done, I just need to throw away a bunch of papers. I also got rid of my old PC :cry:. It was three years ago when I started this daring project. However I had no idea what the hell I was doing, and bought a crappy system. A gateway PC for about 700$. So I'm done with that thing. That doesn't mean I'm done with PC's forever though. When I go to college, I want to try it again. During this years E3, the boatload of amazing PC games had my mouth watering all through May. I know a little about the parts and stuff now. Video cards, RAM (DDR and DDR2), and proccesors. Plus Vista will have come out when at that time. So I'm gonna save up, and maybe with a little help from a graduation present, I might just buy a PC. The End.

Over The Hill

After about three long months I've finally past level 20. Hopefully things will be more smoothly here on out. I don't know why this level thing even matters to me. But oh well... While the swelling in my mouth has decreased, it still kind of feels like I'm chewing on my gums. But I'm proud to say I haven't used ONE painkiller and have only stuck to Ibuprofen. Badass... I finished Castlevania yesterday. It's a great game, but the ending is kind of dissapointing. It isn't very sastisfying and it comes when you least expect it. I'll probably write a review, but I want to play the wireless mode first. I'm also going to write a review on Nintendogs when I can. Hope everyone's doing good. Keep on doing what you do on a Tuesday. I think I missed last weeks Burning Questions, so I'll probably check that out.

Mah Maof Hatz

That's what I'm going to be sounding like for the next week or so. I just got my wisdom teeth removeed. I've spent the last five hours with my dad shoving gauze up my mouth. It's horrible...Finally got the bleeding to stop. Thank god... On a lighter note, I just got a letter from the University of Chicago. They said they're interested in me attending their school. I heard it was a great college, and it's in a great city so I'm pretty excited. So I should probably make sure all my grades are up to date. With that said, you won't see me on gamespot as often as usual. I'll try to comment on all my friends blogs if I can. A word to my union leaders, I'm probably not going to be very active coming months (I know, like I have been in the past...) Hope everybody's doing good. Peace out.

Because Asians CAN Drive

I went to the DMV today and FINALLY got my permit. You needed an 80% to pass. I got an 82%. It's not that I didn't know some of the questions, I just thought that I should get enough right to get my permit, but enough wrong to stick it to the man. The world will feel the wrath of Cole behind the wheel of a 97' Volvo. WUHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Anyways, only two days till I get my wisdom teeth removed. That should be fun :?. I also learned a bunch of songs on my guitar. Mostly a bunch of Zeppelin and Offspring stuff. There's also some Green Day in there too. I'm not a fan, but the parts are pretty easy. As far as games are going. I've only been playing two right now, and there both for the DS. I've spent about five hours or so playing Castlevania. And according to the game, I'm about a third of the way through. I was stuck for a little bit, but managed to find some more corridors to go through while looking at the map for a while. As far as nintendogs goes, I've got about three dogs. The game's pretty easy, but enjoyable none of the less. That's it for now. I might make another blog on Friday after the operation. That should be fun seeing as I will be loaded up on painkillers. Oh and whoever keeps sending me the "PC gaming 4 fun" union invites, please stop. I don't have anything against the PC (in fact if I had the money, I'd definitely purchase one.) All I have right now is a really crappy gateway that I only use to play Diablo 2, so I really wouldn't have anything to contribute to the union. Thanks :)

It's Here!

I finally got my guitar today. They said 2-5 business days, and today's the fourth business day so I guess I'm satisfied. It plays great (I think) I still need to tune it, but besides that, it plays nice. Right now I'm pretty much the greatest half asian guitarist out there...:P On a sadder note, I'm going to get my wisdom teeth removed August 4th. I'll be knocked out and will have to take painkillers after that probably. I also can't eat solid food for a week. I don't think I'll survive. I wan't to acknowledge a couple video blogs that I saw this week. The first one barely gets any comments or recommendations, which is too bad, because he puts up some of the coolest gameplay footage I've seen in the user video section. I'm talking about my good friend, jediskilz173. He imported this game called BeatmaniaIIXD (something like that) from Japan. If you haven't seen it, check it out, it will BLOW YOUR MIND!!!! He also recently posted a 1992 PC game called Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis video that's pretty entertaining. Also, as some of you know, flickds put up his second episode of game cops yesterday. Needless to say, it's hilarious. Check that one out if you haven't already. So that's all for me. Sit back and relax as I take you out with Purple Haze-by Jimi Hendrix.............................. crap................................friggin strings.....................stupid whammy bar!....................ok I give up...

Zombie Mayhem!

First of all, I like to thank everybody that gave me positive feedback on my review of Diablo. 5 out of 5, pretty sweet :P I've been tracking this game called Dead Rising. As alot of you know, it's been getting a lot of hype ever since...jeez, maybe last years E3. And honestly, I never got that into it. I mean it looked cool, but it didn't seem like anything extraordinary. Then today, four gameplay movies come out. One of them we've already seen before, the one were the guy puts all the fake toy heads on the zombies. But the other three...oh my god. Beyond awesome. If you haven't seen these yet, you got to check them out. The first video has you with a lawn mower running over dozens of zombies on the mall grounds. The second one has you in a parking garage running them over with a friggin motorcylce. There are at least a thousand of them down there I bet. And the third one has you in a little flowery dress and chopping them up with a big ass sword. Funny AND brutal. Why don't I have a 360 yet :cry: So yeah, check those out if you haven't already. Yesterday I bought two new games for my DS. Nintendogs and a used copy of Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow. Both games are great, but I'm expecially enjoying Castlevania. That game's pretty cool. Maybe I'll write a review when I'm done with it. So yeah, my guitar hasn't come yet, but I'll keep you updated when it does!

It's Up!

Alright my review of Diablo is up. Keep in mind that it's extremely long, and most of it is me praising it's greatness :P so it might get boring for some. But if any of you do read it, please tell me what you think about it and offer any suggestions for future reviews. I bought my guitar online today. So unfortunately I don't if it with me right now. I bought a squire stratocaster, with an amp, head phones, and a whole bunch of other stuff for about 270$. For those of you that know about guitars, you know that the one I'm getting isn't very good. But I'm just starting and it sounded alright at the shop my friends went to so there you go. Rock On.
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