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Vote! and a new video! :) a whole lot better :)

I'm back.. (it was a small break)

but Rammstein is Finally Up for a award


They are up against Paramore as of now

But tomorrowThey Will be against Tokio Hotel D:

I'm still Going to vote R+, Tokio won a award a month ago :)


also here's my Top 20 bands


Basically I'm fiddelling with the editing system so thats why I have all these stupid charts

Eisbrecher - Fanatica and Fangirling! I need your help GS

First off i need some help

any bands that belong to theneue deutsche härtescene?

I'm really liking the sounds of it

Espically this Fanatica.. the song itself screams sex


today Tokio was in Tokyo (Yo, i heard you like, MEME) :P

But it was a excellent performance

The voice was kinda raspy, (I guess thats what smoking does)

but very good,

2NE1 has a new music video come out soon!!!

I love kpop but i LOVE 2NE1

this is for Hellfire-1


So i'm done drooling, and I need help music wise,

again I'll ask

any bands that belong to theneue deutsche härtescene???

thanks :)

I'm Bacccckkkk. (got some news for you)

I'm in college!

I go to liberty uni. After two years I'll be at UNF!!

In other news. My back went out!

I've been bed ridden for awhile :(

I got a new avatar

Its bill Kaulitz during the acoustic performance


I've heard Oomph! may have a new album :3

I have a twitter as well. do any of you have any?

GS is kinda of boring now-a-days

A list of crap, A list of love and a list of awesome

I graduated, I didn't want to go to the ceremony, I hate most of them anyway.

but I went, It was ok, atleast I'm done with high school

Nitendo pissed me off at E3


Why? why? WHY ?!?!?!!?

I made fun of jedward, some twins from ireland. they can't sing at ALL.

They have killed a Blink 182 song, next on there list

tokio hotel

*shoots self*

but they are performing in Japan next week!

Speaking of germans, I saw the video Pu$$y

nice job rammstein. I don't think I have the balls to go to redtube to see the real version.

(The chance of getting a virus scares the HELL out of me)

I have a new hamster, Majora

He's a cutie

Nothing else happened much.

Apocalyptica Feat. Till My mixed feeling for rammstein and major fangirling

I always liked a few songs of rammstein, (Amerika, Du haust, Engel) the older stuff mainly

but right now


I think this song is amazing, I like the smoothness in till's voice but towards the end it seems like he's sreaming at me.

I'm also Starting to like apocalytica

But if you have any rammstein recommdations please tell me.

Kinda wish Oomph! would make a new album as well

and I spent 4 hours waiting on a damn Russia Live stream for tokio hotel come.

well only one hour, I have no patience. well I thought it was good,

Just that Bill looks more like a damn hipster, It was a good performance, his vocals are way better (smoking has made his voice deeper. And I think with everyone making fun of beiber and the other disney freakshows he's had a chance to grow a little)


anyway leave the love and the hate comments below

Majora the reborn zora and so even better news

Zora passed and I was wildly upset yesterday. But it was for the best. If she was to be left in her pen she would have been eaten because she was sick. Even though she still died she died with dignity.

My mom gave me first choice of the other hamsters. I choose this shy white hamster

and named him


also amazing news

(most of you will think I'm stupid)

Jeffree star and Shin (The BlondDrummer) tweeted me

I thought it was cool :lol:

my name

"zoraluv" was taen by a 80yr old

and her last tweet was about a year ago. So I assume she was dead :P

hence Zoraluvisdead

I have one picture of my zora, And I'm going to make her into my blog pic, or something,

*any banner makers?*

thank you for all the support.

Seeing those comment made me glad I saved her from getting eaten

R.I.P Zora.

She has passed away, I love you zora, you will be missed

excse my absent for a days I'm very upset, I loved her dearly.