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zoned_out14 Blog

I'm Back

I'm Back and with a wii tooso wats been going on with u guys? I Got Red Steel and Wii sports (lol) so far.

Got my DS!!

I got my ds yesterday it's an electric blue color and I got Nintendogs Chihuahua and freinds with it

Absents update

Hey it is zoned out 14 i'm just checking in a yesterday I found out I have a rock stuck atleast an inch into my skin. It hurts so bad i'm not gonna be done my absent until I get this rocks tooken out so see u guys hopefully within a week.

a absent from gamespot

I'm gonna have a little vacation well not really a vacation i messed up my hand from wiping out on my bike so it hurts like heck all I can do is stay in my room and play ds cause my legs messed up to I'll try to be back Friday.