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God damn I knew it was a mistake

I rented the movie Last House on the Left and God I loved it. The movie was about two teenage girls who go to buy some pot and when they do they go into the wrong house. The movie was ***** up wich I love **** up movies. The whole movie was rape and violence. The ending was awesome. 8.5/10

The VIRUS of life

I come back to school expecting the normal. What I get is A **** load of people have Gameboys and there playing Pokemon. Talking about there Charazard being LVL 73 and how its going to kick ther Mudkipz ass. So I come back from lunch and people even have the cards it was weird but it makes me want to bust out the old Gameboy.

I push my fingers into my eyes

Of course I go home yesterday my throat kinda stung and then my body felt weird. I woke up this morning in a pool of sweat my throat pain was 10 times worse than before. I wounder how I got sick and then It clicked me I shared a soda with like 5 different people and then I had a drink of a persons gatorade and then I had a drink of somones mountain dew and Cherry pepsi.


I ******* it all up.

Ok so my friend who is a dumb ass let me buzz his hair down a little. Not short but long enough where you can spike it. So I wasn't getting nothing off so we switched the clippers thing he couldn't get it on so he took it off and just let me buzz it like that. So I did and I took junks of hair out where he was like bald in patches and then I took half of his hiar off so he had patches of normal hair. So we fixed it and he looks like a skinhead now and I feel bad because I screwed up his chances with this chick.

Cookies you bastard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok so since I flunked the easiest math class I'm in it once again and the mean teacher Mrs bay left. So I was like YES but then are new teacher arrived ans she is a well....... So the new teacher is makeing us bake cookies for class and of course you have to go out and buy the stuff. OMFG So the money I need to buy a cd is gone because of COOKEIS GOD DAMNIT.

Ok so I have aslo decided to blog about my best friend too he is a dumbass.

Here are some dumbass things that he has done

Ok so we were at the gym and he went into the hotub with the locker key and I was running so I went to the hot tub to tell him lets go and he lost the key in the tub. He said he was playing tressure hunt and he was finding the key so we had to get a replica and god we bolted out of there really fast.

The next one would be all on vacation.

The first dumb thing he did was stand in the taco bell bathroom 4 feet away from the toilet he did not lock the door so when I walked in he was loke WTF and got scared and peed all over the bathroom.

The second on vacation was when he is like half asleep walks into the girls bathroom takes a you know what and walks out as a wemon is aproaching the door.

The next one is were at the beach and he wants to sit down so he decides to sit on the styraphome cooler and bam it bust into a 1,000,000 pices. SO we had to cary the styraphome and all the stuff in it it a little ways back to the car and on the way we step in those little spike balls in the grass.

Now the stupidest thing he has done IMO.

Ok well since he is gods gift to the ladys he gets the hottest girl in the school and well everything is working out just fine until he cheats on her w/ this girl and they were talking about it on myspace and his girlfriend well read the comments and you know what happend next.... Just the fact that he would cheat on the hottest girl with a girl thats not as hot blows my mine the next thing as that why he wouldn't talk to the one girl through something more private.

So 4 years ago today....

Four years ago today my Cousin CPL Chris Belchick was killed in Iraq he was a really cool guy and just got married was going to settle down with his wife in there new house but unfortunatly he was killed in a roadside bomb that killed him. I had to go over to my Aunts house and I have never seen someone so devistated in my whole life. The funeral was sad and he was barried right next two her house.

So today like every aniversery of his death we let go ballowns in the cemetary and watched videos and had a feist and my aunt had taken his death really really back it basically destroys her inside and she is really sick and skinny like 90 pounds skinny so I don't think she can handle onther aniversery of his death or even his birthday.

RIP Chris.

P.S this was his last tour and he would have come home in a few months too.

He earned a bronz star on his tour too.

All Hope Is Gone review kinda and Damn Friends 38382

Slipknot's new album All Hope Is Gone is there 4th studio effort. There first two albums Slipknot and Iowa were hard core but there second album Vol 3 the sublimenal Verses was more radio friendly. This CD has some harder tracks but it has lots of the Radiofriendly tracks that Vol3 had. Some fans will be dissapointed others will love it. I love it.

Track list

  1. "execute" - 1:49 rating intro
  2. "Gematria (The Killing Name)" - 6:02 Rating 5/5
  3. "Sulfur" - 4:38 Rating 4.5/5
  4. "Psychosocial" - 4:42 Rating 5/5
  5. "Dead Memories" - 4:29 Rating 5/5
  6. "Vendetta" - 5:16 Rating 3.5/5
  7. "Butcher's Hook" - 4:15 Rating 2/5
  8. "Gehenna" - 6:53 3/5
  9. "This Cold Black" - 4:40 3/5
  10. "Wherein Lies Continue" - 5:37 5/5
  11. "Snuff" - 4:36 5/5
  12. "All Hope Is Gone" - 4:45 5/5

Overall I really like the album alot it has some aful lyrics though

Overall 4/5

God Damnit

I hate it when Promises are broken and then it ****s up your whole weekend. Hopefuly it turns out good.

Seriously I mean......

Ok I never thought I would ask for advice again on this site thats not an insult but the time has come. Ok so I have this really good friend and she is a girl and I was going to go to the movies and see Pineapple Express again and then go do other things. So I'm talking to her and shes like my boyfriends going to not that I have a problem with her boyfriend or anything I just feel that its weird that while I sit there and enjoy the movie they will be sucking each others face off and I will just feel incredibly awkward around them. How do I tell her that I feel uncomfortable should I or should I man up and deal with it?