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I'm Coming Back? I Guess?

Hey! I kinda dropped off the radar a while and joined Giantbomb. Their brand of website was my kind of stupid. But now it seems they joined up again. Interesting.

Full Impressions 2: My Second PS3, Yet Another Gaming Dilemma, and Thor

Welcome back everyone. Hopefully you have enjoyed the break that I didn't mean to give you all.

We'll get right into it today. First on the agenda is my new Playstation 3. That's right. I bought another one, but for some personal reasons. Nonetheless, I ended up getting inFamous, AC Brotherhood, and Heavy Rain at Gamestop and ordered the special edition of Marvel vs. Capcom 3 online. I've been longing for some new assassin on Templar action for some time now, but I ca't say I played more than 15 minutes of the latest game. DO NOT get me wrong, the beginning of that game is awesome. I got to the first Desmond scene and had to go to work. But after that short session, I haven't gotten back to it. inFamous, on the other hand, is taking up all of my time. In fact, I finished the good side today after about a week. Yeah, I know, I'm behind in the times. I played the demo some time ago and wasn't impressed, but hey the store was out of Demon's Souls, and it was free. Story-wise, inFamous is great. Spoilers for a 2 year old game- I had no idea that Kessler was going to be Cole until he said 'I love you Trish.' END Heavy Rain has been sitting on the shelf since I bought it. I loved that demo, it's just that I only have so much time. Marvel vs. Capcom is awesome. If you like fighting games, get it. I can't wait to download the new characters Jill and Shuma-Gorath.

Which leads me to a new gaming dilemma. I get a new console, and of course the people in my apartment building with the only unsecured WiFi connection have to move. That's right folks, this post brought to you by ATT WiFi at a Barnes and Noble. I have a installer coming on the 12th, but that couldn't come any faster. It makes everything harder, since I don't have cable or anything to get info about the outside world.

On Friday night, I saw Thor. Now I'll be the first to admit, I wasn't really a Thor comics fan. I know about the main characters only enough to explain what it was about. The film did a great job in relaying all that info me. I thought that the whole direction of Thor with magic being science was a little hokey for me, but I'm very interested in seeing how that is relayed into the upcoming Avengers film. Natalie Portman sure has come a long way from being Padme. Her character, Jane, is completely believeable (coming from a struggling scientist as well). Chris Hemsworth is a great Thor, no questions asked. Now for spoilers- How the heck is Thor going to get from Asgard to Earth when he busted up the Rainbow bridge to the gate? This just may be my Thor ignorance talking, but I think it's going to be a little farfetched. I also think I may have been the only person in the theater to realize that Hawkeye (as a peripheral character to this film) was even there. The post credits scene in Thor is the second best of all the Marvel Cinematic Universe films. The first is The Incredible Hulk and its reference to an Avengers film. This scene references the cosmic cube from Captain America and Avengers comics. I hope that it's a reference to the Captain America film, but at the same time, I also hope it's a reference to the Avengers film. END

I hope you enjoyed this week's post. I hope there are enough comments, questions, and/or suggestions to do a Q and A post next time.

As always, play some games!

Full Impressions 1: Rock Band 3, MK Legacy, and Some Sort of Dilemma

Hey all! I've decided to start a blog series on Gamespot called, if you couldn't tell, Full Impressions. I want to put my thoughts out there about a few specific topics every other week or so. So enjoy.

First off, I finally picked up the Rock Band 3 keyboard bundle last month, and let me tell you that it was worth it. Now, for those oblivious to current Rock Band/Harmonix shenanigans, this is a full 25-key MIDI keyboard. It is intimidating as hell the first time you pick it up, especially since I had no idea what the difference is between the white and black keys. I am by no means a musician, but by playing pro keys on medium, playing the tutorials multiple times and practice, I kind of get it.

So here we have Rock Band, a monopoly of the rhythm genre in the West (because let's face it, Konami's Bemani division has had the top spot for years). The setlist for the third installment is impeccable. By far my favorite songs in the core game are Centerfold, Werewolves of London, Combat Baby, Last Dance, and Portions for Foxes. But the backwards compatibility and ability to play guitar and bass parts on the keyboard controller always ensure I have a part in my 3 member band.

If you don't have Rock Band, have any of the previous games, or just plain like music, the keyboard peripheral is the perfect launching point for you. The bundle came in at 109.99 plus tax at Gamestop for the full game and keyboard. Hell, I was considering getting it just so my girlfriend could use the MIDI keyboard to play if it turned out I didn't like it in the game.

My second topic of the day: Mortal Kombat Legacy. This is the result of talks with Warner about a new MK movie after that insanely good web teaser appeared. The first episode premiered on the 12th of this month on machinima.com. Let me tell you up front, I don't really like how the episode went, but I am curious to see how they impliment everything from the teaser. SPOILER ALERT. Ok, the appearence of Stryker and Kano in the series is awesome. Besides that, there isn't really anything truely worth watching. Sure Sonya getting kidnapped, Jax and Stryker going in all gung-ho against a well-prepared Kano and his gang is entertaining, but the only glory moment was the hand-to-hand combat between Jax and Kano in the end of the 12 minute video. SPOILERS DONE.

Lastly this week, my dilemma. I am unfortunately forced to replace my PS3 slim. While sad, that's not the problem. I have no idea what games to get. I have Red Dead, Borderlands, and that Genesis Collection. I have a coupon for buy 2 get 1 free used, so that's the direction I want to go. I need suggestions on what to walk out with. I know that I'm getting Assassin's Creed Brotherhood, and either MvC 3 or SSF4. So I will leave it up to the readers.

Well, that's it for this week. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions for future topics, shoot. I'll be here. Oh, and tell your friends.



Xbox Live, How I Missed Thee

So I finally figured out my connection problems with my PC network bridge to my Xbox 360. So I can play online again!!

Hit me up at zolloz89 if you wanna play something. The most recent online craze i have, however, is Modern Warfare 2.

Happy Headshotting!

im back!

well, im back. officially anyway.

the internship in the florida keys went awesomely. lets go through some bullet points:

1. i got in shape due to physical training for skills

2. im certified cpr/first aid, and a waterfront lifeguard

3. i got to drive boats everyday and on my days off for free

4. i got to teach marine science to kids of all ages.

5. i was living in the florida keys about 30 miles north of key west

6. great weekends because of the above point.

7. i got to snorkel and scuba reefs everyday

and my most memorable moment 8. i got THE girl

so really, going basically bankrupt and not being able to afford feburary's rent and bills is all worth it. damn good experience for me as well as finding someone. who could ask for more.

oh, and ive been here for 6 years... woah.

so, for now, peace


Well, last week I started working at a Toys R Us Express (a seasonal version of TRU). It was crap, as we had to build the entire store and fix all the crap the former Blockbuster.So a bunch of labor.

Way back before I even left AZ, I applied for an internship in the Florida Keys at a camp for middle and high school students. And effin-a, I got a call on Tuesday to start on Sunday. So I will be out for three months (and unfortunately missing the launch of RB 3).


The Big Day

Well, it finally comes. My moving POD arrives today at 8 in the morning.Then I clean my apartment and set the car on the I-10 all the way to Florida.

Today couldn't have gone any better, despite its start. I had to take my GRE today. That was pretty lame, but after that, I hung out with my friends for the last time in a long time. We played a hell of a lot of games (Melee, GoW2, Agent Under Fire, and all the oldies we play).

It'll be a while until next time, so until then, peace.

It's Official. I'm Leaving

Yup, breaking news. I'm leaving.

But don't fret. It's not Gamespot I'm leaving.

I'm heading to Miami folks. And I can't wait for the next three weeks to pass. Then I get to lug everything down from my 3rd floor apartment in the hot Arizona desert. THEN I get to drive 4 days to get there.

Aww man....

So, for some reason, I decided to check out this year's Phoenix Comicon on the web. I normally try and head to this con, but this time, I'm terribly pissed I didn't really follow the guests.

Turns out, freakin Stan Lee is showing up, along side some awesome Wildstorm staff, Todd McFarlane, LeVar Burton, and Ray Park.

Man, I'm so bummed, as I could have dug out 3 of 5 of my Amazing Fantasy #15 issues (as 3 items for the paid autographs is the limit) and had FREAKIN STAN LEE sign them.

Dude, this sucks. Now,I can only hope that a dagger with special sand falls into my lap...

San Francisco

Well, my 55 hour vacation went awesome, minus the total of 24 hour driving. So more accurately, my 31 hours in San Francisco were awesome.Most of the day I was there I was at the California Academy of Sciences. That place is pretty sweet. Dinosaurs, a 4 story rainforest, planetarium, and aquarium. But the best part, was the Naturalist Center, a full fledged lab that visitors could walk through and help.

Then there was Fisherman's Wharf that night. Sea lions, awesome seafood, and the shops. But the best part about the wharf was the musee mechanique, a free museum for antique and older arcade machines, like the ones you put a coin into and watch the short animation or puppetry. But they had pong. Straight up pong.