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Random Adriana Lima pics of the week #1

Hello all,

I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying this beautiful Summer weather. Except for my friends below the equator. Take heed, Fall will soon be here which means you will soon have Spring! In the meantime, stay warm!

This last week and this weekend is rather noteworthy to the residents of Somerset Pa where i live. First off the USS Somerset was christened yesterday. A lot of local people went down to Louisiana to see it. it's unfortunate that such a tragic event had to happen for us to get a ship named after the county.

This last week and this weekend was also the 10 anniversary of the 9 miners being rescued form the mine that they got themselves trapped in 10 years ago. It's impossible to live around and not know one of those 9, or their relations. The Governor at the time, Mark Schweiker was such a great governor and was here , helping, sleeves rolled up, every day that the rescue efforts went on. For those not familiar with this event i would encourage you to read about it! it is a fascinating story of man's ingenuity!

Triple points for Red Dead Redemption is also going on today. Get your boots and spurs out and go back to the old west and gather some experience.

Bil O'Reilly's column this morning was titled "Where were you in '62?". He goes on to speak a little of how times have changed and what was going on. And what he was up to. It got me to thinking where I was in '62. 50 years ago. Man that was a while past. Before JFK was assassinated, but after the Bay of Pigs. I would be getting ready to enter 1st grade in the fall. Stamps were 6 cents. A loaf of bread was 29 cents. The good stuff 34 cents. Gas was under a half dollar/gallon. Coke and pepsi were 10 cents/bottle in machines, and there were no steel or aluminum cans drinks. The aluminum can for drinks was not invented yed. So Coke, Pepsi, Upper 10, Tab--all in bottles. And very few things has expiration dates. Dairy and meat and not even all of dairy.

But I know where i was in '81, the year this sweetie was born. And for those of you who have made it this far-here is your reward:

Adriana Lima

Like it.Love it. Love to like it or like to love it .Either way is good. And if your opinion is somewhere else- i don't care.

Wecome to random Adriana Lima pic #1.

Have a great week Ladies and gentlemen.