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Random Adriana Lima pic of the Week #2

It's August ladies and gentlemen. This Summer is gong by tooo fast. I don't like it. I would so like to live in hawaii for a year. That would be beautiful.

And speaking of beautiful here this week's Adriana Lime pic


I hope everyone likes the pic. but back to the island. No,non, no, not hawaii. I mean Dead Island. I started that title this past week. It is my son's game and i had to wait for him to openit and install it. But now that he has we both like it. I beleive it is as good as a lot said it was last year. I just wish I had done some things earlier in the title.

That and Bioshock 2 are taking up my time now. I have yet to set up an actua money account on my diablo game. But i want to . And i have no day job, I'm actually looking for work. So I don'y have to worry about quitting it.

I hope all of you are well and that you have some grand plans for the Summer. Because it coming to an end. Shortly. It bites? I know. But make the best of it. Come back to gaming when it gets colder!

Take Care