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Mother's Day 2012

AudreyFirst Off Happy Mother's Day to all the Mother's or Mother's to be! It's your day so be sure to enjoy it. And by all means be sure those around you do for YOU today- as a Mother you do enough for others the rest of the year!

A nice brunch or buffet may be nice.Or perhaps an afternoon to just relax and do whatever you want to do-free of intrusions.

Ladies, there is also the spa appointment that you made for your Mother and yourself at a later date. Nice touch-great Mother's Day gift. Men, you can also remember that a spa session is a great gift fot your Wife, GF, or Mother. She will appreciate getting relaxed and rejuvinated more than any flowers.

Coco Chanel once said:

"A Girl should be two things-Classy and fabulous"

That was as true in 1920 as it is today. Everyone should rememebr to treat the women in life a just such--not just on Mother's day but EVERYDAY!

And speaking of classy I give you Audrey Hepburn.Quite possibly the one actress that understood that sentiment better than anyone else.