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Memorial Day 2012

I don't want to get into the habit of being a "event only" blogger. But it seems as if that's how I've become(Mother's day, Christmas, Birthday, and now again). However my life is just to boring to speak of much else. Besides I'm on Google + WAYYY mre than I am here. I get a lot of responses and +1's daily there . Here 3 or 4 folks read and comment on my blog.

It's Memorial Day again. Time for those of us in the US to remember those who have fought and gave their all in past wars. The countless faces that have died so thet we may live as we do today. The sacrifices are too great to count and the debt to those families who lost loved ones can never be repaid. The gratitude of millions will have to suffice.

The weekend celebrations are 1/2 over and I hope your celebration has been grand! It 's raining outside ATM . I hope those who had evening plans got their events in before the storms came. It seems as if we can never get through a Memorial Day weekend where I live WITHOUT storms. The Ink Spots "Into Each Life some Rain must Fall" comes to mind. And too much is falling in mine.

Memorial Day

Flags in Cemetary



Ok, So the last two don't have much to do with memorial Day. But I know there are some Rihanna fans that appreciate her pic.

And she's a Diablo 3 fan! Big plus there.

Take Care and God Bless