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It's missing that "WOW!" factor

This is what I am talking about

Diablo 3 Tyrael for LG Rumor

This isn't missing that WOW factor!


However I like Diablo 3. I find it enjoyable and fun to play. Even though at times I feel like I am still playing the 1st or 2nd title. But i don'r believe the title warrants the beating it is taking by some gamers and also some critics.

But it's not the game it could have/should have been. It is simply missing what I call the "WOW" factor. I shall explain.

What distinguishes a great game from a good game is the WOW factor of the game. Some have it -some don't.Final Fantasy VII had Aerith dying and being absorbed into the lifeforce Gamers still remember and talk about that today. And about how they felt when it happened. A WOW moment. FF VIII had no WOW moments. And in the day it was considered as good as VII. But time has a way of setting things right and today FF VIII is largely a forgotten title.

Usually the WOW moments occur as part of cutscenes. Sometime not-and sometime a little of each. In Modern Warfare 2. When you are climbing the rope to get to your ride--that's you. But the explosion of the and the bombing seconds later is not you. But that was a (say it with me) a WOW moment. The ending was not one because, face it, you still did not get the Russian!!!

Bioshock and both InFamous titles have them. Anyone remember a little game played with pistols in Black Ops?

But I have yet to see on e of those in Diablo 3. This is somewhat annoying. I loved the Butcher fight in the first Diablo. (Easy if you had a bow. I can do it taking no damage) And whilw the Butcher is harder in Diablo 3 I does'nt "WOW!!". The first did!






That's Right.WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That's it for now.Let me know what you are playing and whether you feel like playing a video game or (Ahem) perhaps looking for more photos Adriana Lima! Be sure to give Diablo 3 a chance!

Peace out Keep it real!