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Forgotton History

As I write this it is May 8th. it is evening time where I am at and I started to think back upon all the recent past events that are largely going forgotten. Recent events we tend to keep in our mind but those events that transpired 2 or 3 generations ago we tend to forget.

I understand that none of you, the readers, were alive when these events happened. But they were and still are noteworthy. Forgotten History if you will.

With today being May 8th. That would make it V-E Day. Or Victory in Europe Day. (some G.I's at the time called it"Victory OVER Europe") it is the day the Allied powers forced an unconditional surrender of the Nazis and brought Hitler's third Reich to a resounding end. To those who may not remember the US at the time was fighting two separate battles. The battle in Europe against the Nazis and their those who assist them in their efforts. As well as the war in the Pacific against in the Imperialist forces of Japan--who actually started WW 2 when attacking Pearl Harbor.

V-E Day and V-J Day were taught in school at one time and I remember that we had to learn and remember them. But today we celebrate Veteran's Day and the previous two are largely ---forgotten. Let us remember them here preserve the memory of that great day!

V-E Day took place in 1945. But let us go back farther--to 1937.

On May 6th 1937 the Hindenburg exploded into a fiery mass of metal and bodies over Lakehurst Naval Air Station,NJ as it was attempting to land. This video link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CgWHbpMVQ1U shows the scope and magnitude of the disaster. It brought the age of dirigibles to an end. At the time dirigibles were consider a luxury way to travel in the air. Commercial airplane traffic was not a very feasible method. Nor would it be until 1947-1048. The Hindenburg disaster happened 10 years earlier. The Hindenburg was the elite of all the Zeppelin's and Zeppelin traffic was popular and on the rise. Until this.

While growing up I had become very familiar with Herbert morrison's audio of the disaster. I present that for you on this link. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xiAT9xvTVKI I have heard that audio a few hundred times and I brings chills to me even this day.

We see Zeppelins during outdoor sporting events and usually the game commenter tells who provided to blimp of the aerial coverage. But at one time----------This------was THE way to travel in the air!

Lastly there is the sinking of the Titanic. THAT IS REMEMBERED! But the Lusitania (another ship) is not and the events I have described above almost have faded from memory. That will be a sad day when they do. I hope I do not live to see it.

Take some time daily to reflect on the past on hope for the future. The past helped define who (and why) you are now. The future who you will become.

I leave you with this. take a few moments today to silently thank and think of those who gave so much in the Great War to preserve your way of life here in the US. We have since learned much of what went on at Nazi concentrtion camps. That would have spread to our shore also had it not been for those brave veterans a long time ago!