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Father's Day 2012

Father's day is upon us again. Seem as if the older one gets the shorter the years get. If you are still young, enjoy your "long" years.

Happy Father's Day to all of the Father's out there. Same to all the Ladies perform who have to also be the "father" in their child's life. The exact reverse should also be said of the men who also perform the role of "Mother" . There are millions of you out there.

Tonight my son gave me his Father's Day gift. I received Trails of the Sky Limited Edition for the PSP. Also Arc Rise fantasia for the Wii-which I had wanted since forever ago. (since it was announced) . Both are brand new factory sealed titles. I'm very happy and surprised.

Tomorrow I am going out to eat with my Son and my Daughter at Ruby Tuesday's. That sounds like a shrimp meal to me! YUM!

In conclusion remember to respect and honor your Father not just tomorrow but every day. The work Father' s do is often unappreciated. Tomorrow take time to offer appreciation for all the things he does or had done . It will mean the world to him. If that means putting your personal feelings then so be it.

Live.Love.Laugh. --is as true for the guys as it is the girls!

"You know how to whistle don't you Steve? You just put you rlips together and blow!"

Katy Perry in the 1920's !

Father Approves of the Color and the style!